Sunday, February 26, 2012

GEO WT-B42 青

White Lighting
In the Case

This is a Geo lens which I usually don't buy from because most of the Geo's that I've experienced with had very natural-looking designs in which the colour didn't show through very well but in this case, I was wrong :) This pair's colour was seen really well, though some people thought it was green in a normal classroom lighting :P

Though I must say it doesn't contrast very well with my own eye colour because a dominance of my brown can still be seen though I think the blue catches attention more so I don't really mind. The design is some what unique as well, I'm not all for it, just indifferent, but the design helps the blue gradient into my brown so it's not just colour-blocking.

It was very comfy as I would expect from GEOs and felt non-existant. The black rim helps in enlarging the eyes without making the size too unnatural (the lens measure to 15mm). They were very easy to put on, wear for the day and to take off. Apologies for not being able to provide a catalogue picture that had a model, GEOs tend to not have model pictures ^^;;

Well I would recommend these for anyone looking for a bit of colour with a unique, natural look and wouldn't mind having their eye colour show through :"P

Natural Lighting


Purchased from Paffu.Net(facebook)

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