Thursday, March 1, 2012


White Lighting
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This pair is a very vibrant pair of lenses~ It is very similar to the DOLLY+ Brown in terms of design, it is exactly the same, though the outcomes are quite different :) This pair's colour shows super well and contrasts well with my brown, making me real eye colour seem darker :) It measures at 16mm and has the enlargement rim as usual. Because it looks very vibrant, it doesn't look very natural but it looks just as adorable to make up for it xP

As you can see, in the case the colour doesn't seem t look as bright as on the eyes, so I think it's because it has a darker base (my natural colour) so I'm guessing people with lighter eyes may get a blue that's closer to what's shown in the cases. Compared to the DOLLY+ it's doesn't gradient well into my brown even though they have the same design. 

I wore this pair for 8 hours and it proved to be on bad behaviour throughout the day. It irritated my eyes constantly in the frist 3-4 hours I wore them. I had to keep closing/opening, trying to get rid of the irritation. It also kind of blurred my sight a couple of times during the day. But it might be because of my own reasons (reasons due to my body's preference).

I would recommend this pair to anyone looking for a fun, vibrant bang of colour in their eyes and day ! 

Natural Lighting



Received from My Fashion Eye (facebook)

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