Friday, February 3, 2012


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Now I'm a person who is really into bright bold colours when it comes to lenses since I'm a cosplayer, and these are just a perfect pair. The thick rim around the lens really helps in enlarging your eyes. The simple design of just a rim of colour also contributes to enlargement and doesn't have much of an illusion in the eyes that other lens (such as the flower or cafe series) have in their design, but it does have an un-natural look to the eyes, since the brown is very bright and is going toward a more marigold colour on the spectrum. When I first put it in in was a bit itchy and got my eyes watery but this happens to me with other lenses too so I guess it's personal preference but after about 2-3 minutes it as very comfy~ Almost non existant :P I wore them to work and continued to ear them to a party afterwards which is in total about 12 hours (note: It is not healthy to wear them for over 8 hours. You must give your eyes a rest after 8 hours of wearing any contacts ! f(^w^ ) which is a few hours too much but I wasn't able to go home to take them off D": Even though I did wear them for a bit too long, I didn't need to use drops to re-moisturise my eyes and I almost forgot I was wearing them. 

Overall, Dolly+ BROWN (from I.Fairy) is a great pair to wear if your looking for something to stand out and brighten up your face :P

Natural Lighting


Purchased from My Fashion Eye (facebook)

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  1. LUXURY 03 is the same design as i.Fairy DOLLY+ and actually they are from the same manufacture, come in different colour like blue,green,violet,brown and grey but only available in plano.