Friday, February 3, 2012


So I've set up a new blog ! This blog will be for reviewing stuff~ Anything I want :P Or anything you want that I may have? ^w^ I'll be reviewing stuff like contact lenses, make up, figurines, etc :)

Hope you look forward to this blog as much as I do ! If you want to check out my other blogs:

The Poor Life 
(貧しい生活 ♥): My Cosplay diary :) Get updated with my cosplay thoughts, ideas and anime/manga I'm checking out at the moment ;P

Love, Life, Tears (愛、人生、涙。): Just my everyday perconal type of blog. So do not read if you're allergic 
to immature/ridiculous little girl thoughts :P Also about my school days and other stuff 
that aren't cosplay related xDD

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