Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dolly Eye ドリーみ ‐ アイ すみれ

White Lighting
Catalogue Image

This is a lovely pair on lens ! It's got a very noticeable colour that stands out but can be seen as a natural lens :) It really blends with my eyes and still effective enlarges my eyes even though it measures at a 14.5mm diameter. It features a dark black rim and blocked with the violet in the inner rim.

Even though out of my eye, the colour looks dissolved, on my eye it looks block-coloured but I really like the unique design on the rims even though its detail isn't very visible when worn unless you're looking really close :P I wore this pair for a total of 8 hours and it was super comfy, I wore them through school and of course I would really need these lens to be on its best behaviour xD And it did ! Though the initial itching did occur with this pair but only for about 15 minutes or so~ Taking them off was really easy too :)

I'd recommend this lens to anyone who wants a colour that stands out and still look quite natural and also maybe guys, since I know it may seem hard to find a pair of lens that doesn't have girly sparkles and a big diameter 

Natural Lighting


Overall  ☆

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