Saturday, February 4, 2012


White Lighting
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I really love these pair of lens ! These are from Fynale's Aurora Series and I'm really keen to collect it x"D The colour is very soft but stands out at the same time. The rim of colour looks very watery and shines well :33 The black rim isn't too bold so it doesn't make your eyes look too big OwO
It felt very non-existant but for the duration that I wore it (about 2 hours) I kept blinking, like a lot. Even though it didn't itch or annoy me, my lids insisted on blinking ^^;; I'm not sure if it was the fan that was blowing in the building or not but I think it may be due to that. When I first put it on, it was pretty stingy, so I put drops in. It still felt a bit dry but after a few minutes my eyes become moist again. So again, I think it was just an initial reaction that happens all the time xP

This is a very feminine and girly look and would recommend this to anyone who was looking for something that's not as big as circle lenses but shows the colour well !

Natural Lighting (7PM)


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