Tuesday, February 21, 2012

キラキラEx Dia:16mm グレー

White Lighting
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I think I've found another lovely pair of lenses :) Super comfy :) Now as you may know from my other posts, contacts usually itch my eyes when I first put them on. But this pair, this pair was so gentle on my eyes I hardly felt it when I put them on :) No initial itch for me YAY ! When I first bought it the lenses, it actually looks black :P But when you put them on the grey shows well, with maybe a pitch of blue depending on lighting :)

The black rim is super affective, not to mention the extra 2mm :P It really enlarged my eyes :) And with the touch of make up it made it quite natural x"D Also my eyes didn't dry up at all~ I wore these for around 7 hours during school :)  It's got a simple effective design that blends well with dark eyes since the colour doesn't actually reach close to be pupil so people with bright-coloured eyes may have to worry about your natural eye colour showing through :|

All in all, I'd recommend this if your looking for a natural-coloured, enlarging lens ! :)

Natural Lighting



Purchased from Paffu.net (facebook)

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