Thursday, February 23, 2012

KIMCHIプリンス 黒

White Lighting
Catalogue Image

These lenses are really something *v* The enlargement is gives to you is a great one ! Your eyes instantly pop even without colour :) It blends very well with my dark eye colour and can surely match with any eye make-up colour combo possible (since black suits with everything :P Esp. in make up xD) The design is again, completely plain and simple, a thick black rim which gradients into a grey (not a very subtle gradient though :P) which gives it a natural touch and gives shape to your eyes :)

The 16mm surely give the dolly look in an instant  ♥ And it also gives a sweet teary look ~ I wore this for a total of 5 hours :) It was a bit itchy at first, but it died down quickly but then I found myself profusely blinking for an hour or so which was kind of annoying, but after that it was completely fine ! I'm really loving these lenses and will recommend them to anyone who is looking for something a bit of an abnormal eye look or a sweet innocent look :3

Natural Lighting



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