Saturday, February 25, 2012


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This is a very lovely pair of contacts. Now, you should know that I absolutely adore Fynale's products, just because it's not massively big like KimChi, I.Fairy, LUXURY, etc. and because it still has a great outcome when put on :) I really love the design of these lenses, It's quite a dramatic flower petal look, put when put on it blended well with my brown eyes and it made my eyes look quite sparkled :3

The lenses are 14.5mm but because of the black rim is makes the ye look quite bigger without having a dramatic change like with 16mm, it still looks quite natural. I wore this pair to school as well and it was very comfortable, it blurred a bit a couple of times during the day but it wasn't for very long, I just had to blink a few times and it's be perfect again :)  The colour is also quite bright to the eyes which is good since I especially hate buying coloured lenses and the colour pretty much camouflages your eyes, but these don't, they show up quite well without making it too unnatural as it is (asian having green eyes wot? rofl)

I'd recommend this lens for a cute, girly look that can be worn for an everyday look that has great a great show of colours without risking not looking natural 

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Purchased from My Fashion Eye (facebook)

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