Saturday, March 24, 2012


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YAY ~ A new review ! :DD Today I was able to take a break and hang out with my friends for a couple of hours~ so I wore a pair of this really nice caramel-ly brown lenses from LUXURY. Now I always thought - from the day I received it - it had an interesting and unusual design of orange, reds and browns...then this morning as I wore was my imagination...that red thing didn't exist OvO;; Like it looked like rays of red and brown/orange xD

LOL guess I kinda processed the image wrong |||orz well anyways I was quite happy with that because I was quite disappointed at the look when I received it ^^;; Just that I'm a gal who like simple plain designs ahahaha But yeah, It was super super for the duration I wore them which was 7 hours :D I couldn't feel them at all, so very comfy~ But the only thing was, the lenses couldn't get fixated on my pupil for some reason, such as, when I was applying eyeshadow, the lens would shift along with my rush stroke but it didn't automatically come back to the centre...I had to move my eye around first. But good thing it only touched my eyelids for when applying make-up. I didn't have to touch them for the duration of my wear so it was no problem afterwards. 

The colour doesn't take up majority of the lens, it's mostly black on the outer rim and an unusual pattern of rays? that is orangey-brown, though in pictures and outside, it looked more caramel brown to me ^^;; These lens measure at 16mm so they instantly enlarge your eyes~ I think the colour is very sweet and enhances my brown colour. 

I recommend this lens to anyone looking for something subtle, more on the natural side yet gives you a boost in enlarging your eyes :)

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Purchased from My Fashion Eye (facebook)

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