Friday, March 9, 2012

GEO WT-B44 褐色

White Lighting
In the case

This is the brown counterpart of the GEO WT-B42 Blue I reviewed last week. The colour is very satisfactory and can be compared as similar to DOLLY+ Brown I reviewed before, though the colour isn't as harshened as it is cancelled out by it's unique design, using different opacity's in different areas, making it easier to ease in with my natural brown colour. Because it blends well with my natural colour, it really enhances them :3  

This pair measures at 15mm so it doesn't make your iris too big...and ending up looking too unnatural or like an alien |||orz But the black rim does help in giving the illusion that your eyes look big, without giving up looking natural. Also, what I love about these lenses is that it looks veyr natural on many different eye colours, here's a reviewer I found from Poland and her eyes look great with them on :)

So fabulous :"DD

Now, compared to the blue, these lenses really sucked the moisture out of my eyes TAT Might be because of the weather but then I'd just be guessing since I don't really know how weather affects your eyes f(^_^) But I did find myself constantly blinking and it kept blurring my vision from time to time especially towards the 6th hour I wore them :| It was quite comfortable unless it was screwing with my eyesight, when it did, however, I could really feel the lens and it was not fun at all. But all in all I think it a great colour and style !! 

I recommend it for anyone looking for a lens to really work hand in hand with their natural eye colour as well as enhancing them fairly well without sacrificing the natural look :33

Natural Lighting


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