Friday, March 9, 2012

Béuberry サマー 淡紅色

White Lighting

Catalouge Image
This is some random lens I wore yesterday which I know is new...but I never recall buying or receiving it, so with no knowledge of where it came from I'll note down both My Fashion Eye and since they both sell it :P Now, since I didn't have any idea I had this, I was tracking down the colour and brand, So the design was of Beuberry's Summer series but I had no idea whether it's the Pink or Red, when I wore it, the colour seemed much darker than in the catalouge and there are no model photos of the red, so I looked at the lens in my case and it's looked more pink :|

In the case
Well anyways, I love this pair of lens ! It's a fantastic colour and it shows really well, my friends really liked how it looked on me~ It looks very Summer-y (as the Series title suggests) even in the Winter season ! ahaha Its was raining all day yesterday~ but it really brings a smile to your face :P I like how the black rim isn't very blocked, the black kind of runs parallel to the pink to look well with the design so the   black doesn't look so dramatic and bold, it's a bit more calmed and smooth, letting your eye look quite natural in terms of size ratio of your iris and eye size. Beuberry's measure at 16mm but looking from the outside, didn't make it seem so, cause then I'd look like an alien >_>;; But it does have a bit of an unnatural aspect to it :3 It was quite comfy to wear, almost non existant and didn't bother me much at all~ Wore it for a total of 6 hours :) 3 hours watching a community play /totallydidn'tsuckatall :"D

I really love this tropical coloured lens and I'm thinking about purchasing other colours from the same series ! I recommend this to all sun lovers than want a fun, put-a-smile-on-your-face type of lens ! <3

Natural Lighting


Available @ My Fashion Eye & Paffu.Net

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