Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Good Day ! 

I am so sorry that I have completely neglected this blog for more than a few weeks /forgivemeplease School has thrown me assessments from all directions. I actually stopped because I didn't want to strain my eyes during my exams last term, but then completely forgot about it >n<;; Well I will continue form what I reviewed last and review as I've always except I'll do it in a slightly different way.

From now on, I will be reviewing on each week and post the review on the Saturday, though this week has only a few days left, I'll just review one anyways, you can make your own judgements form what I have to say about the lens :) Paffu (they're pre-orders are still open until 13th June if you want to order anything~ GREAT CHEAP PRICES with discounts as well~<3) have recently sold me a few of the Fynale's new brand Prodigurls and 2 of them are coming my way :)

See you Saturday !

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