Saturday, June 16, 2012

FYNALE オーロラ 紫色

Room Lighting
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This week, we'll be looking at Fynale's Aurora series in Violet. I wore this pair from Tuesday to Saturday for about 8 hours each day. Now, Aurora has been a favourite series of mine in the past because I love the design. The colours are quite opaque but rely on the white of our eyes to define the colours and it also gives an innocent, teary look. Now going from the first to last day, the first day was absolutely hell for me wearing these, I have no idea whether it's because I was wearing it the wrong way or not but my right eye endured so much pain throughout the whole day - it was itching, tearing up, felt stingy and just all-round painful. I tried to take it and put it back in or close my eyes and shift my eyes around a bit but the pain did not go away. It was irritation to the max. I was about to give up on reviewing these for the whole week but I decided against it and wore it for the rest of the week. And did the skies see my pain ? Hell yes, because they were little angels for the rest of the week~ = w = no pain, irritation, annoyance. nadaaa <3 It blurred my sight from time to time but not frequent enough for me to call it annoying. So please don't be turned off from my experience of one day out of 5 with this pair, it does behave, I just don't know what went wrong on the first day :/

Now, onto the description - these sweet peas measure at 15mm so not too big, but big enough to give your eyes new dimension :) It has a thin rim of grey on the outside and small striking patterns on the inner rim. The colours are patterned like zebra stripes ? Or even look like little germs of colours ehehehe total turn off I know x"D Don't really know how to describe the pattern~

With my past experience with Auroras, the lens still struggle to stay on my eye (on the iris) because perhaps of my lids :/ Even though other lens find no problem with something like the lids :/ But the Violet stuck on my iris better than the Blue pair at least and looked very good on camera ! I also love its subtle, yet bright colour, it's not as subtle as the last pair I reviewed but just enough to give a new look to your face ^w^ It is indeed a very cute pair and again, Aurora is a great series to have~

These lens are great for those days where you're going out for a couple of hours with good friends~ It can match very well with other colours and styles. Hope you guys invest in Auroras in the future and please do tell me how you like them :)

Natural Lighting



Available @ My Fashion Eye

** This series is no longer manufactured.

Btw, how do you guys the 'Room Lighting' rather than the 'White Lighting' ? I thought since no one really goes into a white-lit room it might not be so accurate in showing what the colours looks like in RL so I changed this week into the bathroom (on room-lit lighting), do you guys rather it or back to 'White Lighting' ? Do let me know in the comments section :) 
See you next week w/ the new ProdiGurls series ! 


  1. Aww those look pretty cute! I might have to try them too =P .. Nice review (n.n)

  2. Hi!! Where did you get these series?? I can't find it ANYWHERE. Apparently it will never be in stock now. ):

    1. This is part of the old series so unfortunately they've stopped the production of it. If you could buy it anymore, then your best bet is to track down all the contact sellers that were selling the Fynale Auroras and see if they have any still left in stock, if all fails then unfortunately, nothing can be done :S Sorry I couldn't help any further >n<;;