Saturday, June 9, 2012

FYNALE キウィ 淡紅色

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This week (Thursday-Saturday) I wore Fynale's Kiwi Series in Pink :) Can I just first and foremost say that this is the most comfy lenses I've ever worn ! ! It may have hurt a little when I put it on as all lenses do to me but I can absolutely vouch for its comfort for the rest of the day (and even week !) Really, I had totally forgotten I was wearing them until I came home and remembered that I needed to take them off ^^;; What I really love about Fynale is that it still manages to make your eyes pop without the massive diameter :"D These kiwis measure to only 14mm, wouldn't have guessed right ? They look like 15mm in the picture xD

I wore this pair for about 7 hours on Thurs/Fri and for 8 hours on Saturday and they really are amazing /stopbeingbiaskekeke The colour of the pink isn't as vibrant compared with other lenses but the outcome all depends on the base colour. When I wear it, the light pink turns a bit muddy and darker because of my dark eyes, but lighter eyes will bring out it's sweetness out much more better ;w; Its design is quite simple and takes inspiration from the Kiwi~ It has the dark outside rim and gradients in a striking motion towards the pupil. At the inner rim is a dotted circle, meant to recreate the seeds of a kiwi. It truly is a really cute and adorable design.

I really like the colour as well - it isn't as vibrant compared to, say, the Summer Pink from Beuberry but it's part of its charm :) It gives off a more sweet and innocent look and I think suits many different complexions~ It looks quite natural but does emphasis your eyes to a reasonable extent. I cannot stress how much I recommend this pair of lens (and the rest of the series), it is all 5 stars for me ;))

If a sweet, teasing pink is what you're looking for that can be worn at any event, any time, any where these Kiwi lenses are for you ! !

Natural Lighting

Overall ☆++

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  1. Nice post! I think i might need to try them!