Monday, July 2, 2012

FYNALE's ProdiGurls Ms. Prada グレー

The comfort of this pair is as always when it comes to Fynale (/cough except with some exceptions), excellent :D I wore these (as with Ms. Coach Brown) for 5 days for 7 hours each day I wore them. They are very comfy and feel almost non-existant, but as explained in the other review, I was in a week where I had to strain my eyes a lot and it constantly blurred and drifted and well as dry up my eyes, of course a few blinks solves the problem but as I needed my eyes to be open and moist most the time, it felt very annoying ^^;;

The design on this pair is actually quite unique to designs I've seen prior. There is not a massive rim, but a rim it does possess. It is very thin, and the darkest point of the lens, the edge from then on in creates a sparkly-like look, having shimmers of black and grey, slowly diminishing as it gets into centre. It also has very faint blue stripes that point toward the centre. The design is very different and I was glad of the difference. It shows up very nicely on the eyes, not emphasising the size too much but instead, the colour.

The size is at 16mm and it does look like a 16mm when worn but in a very natural way, oddly. I was quite surprised at how I could get away with wearing it without make up at all :D And that it always a bonus~

I think many would enjoy this grey lens~ I specifically bought natural colours as I've never had lenses that were very natural at all so it was great to finally have two pairs that work exactly how I wanted~ It's a great lens to wear when you're going out to enjoy yourself and just spice up your eye colour a little :)




Available @ Paffu.Net

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  1. Thanks for reviewing these! It's been so hard to find Ms. Prada reviews! I'm getting them in pink soon. o(^-^)o Also: Cute photos! XO Tracey Marie. If you wanna check me out, I'm at: