Monday, July 2, 2012

FYNALE's ProdiGurls Ms. Coach 褐色

First off, I'd like to express my favour to FYNALE's products once again, that they are most confident in their comfortability, though they do not have a wide range of designs such as KIMCHI, etc, they still have very nice designs and with the collaboration with many designer names, more designs have been introduced. And yes, these lenses were very comfortable, no itches, no pain, pretty much non-existant. Though on the last two weeks, I had a massive rush of school work and needed to strain my eyes a bit more for my practical work (meaning, I keep my eyes open for long periods of times between blinking) and so, this caused the lens to blur and kind of drift off-centre from my pupil/iris ^^;;

This design is very, how should I put it, bluntly? Unoriginal ^^; It is very similar to one of their other designs as you may or may not recognise. This is what I first thought when I opened it, but in fact, the brown colour is actually a bit different from the brown of the similar design. Ms Coach Brown is quite honey caramel? in colour (not very good at describing colour sorry~) The rim isn't very dark and the colour doesn't look so vibrant but it shows up very well :)

It looks quite natural as well~ Which is a massive up side for me since I wear them daily at school so I don't want my eyes to stand out too much. These lenses measure to 16mm which is amazing that it doesn't actually look 16mm OwO I guess it's because of the toned-down rim. What I love most as well is that the colour blends into my eye colour very well which actually enhances my own colour rather than giving me a 100% new colour x"D

I'd recommend this pair to people who'd like to spice up their average everyday without crossing over the line xD Enjoy them !



Available @ Paffu.Net

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